How to build different muscles?

First, hard muscles

The first kind of muscle is strong and hard. This kind of muscle is stronger and harder than the ordinary big muscles. Some people like big muscles, while others like hard, low-key muscles. So, do you know how to build muscle hardness?

It’s definitely not a simple thing to develop muscle hardness. We need to use a small weight to train our muscles. That is to say, when training, we should choose a smaller weight. And in muscle training, pay attention hex rubber dumbbells set to the number of groups, most of the amount to practice. Usually also pay attention to diet, nutrition supplement is also important. With these methods of training, you will certainly have the same muscle as a tough guy, the same low-key as steel. If you want to have a muscle mass as hard as steel, you must practice it.

Second: big muscles

The second kind of muscle is big muscle, which is the most popular and easy to practice. Massive muscle is the most popular aesthetic goal about muscle at present. So, we’ll teach you how to build good looking muscles.

If you want to build good looking big muscles, weight is essential. Different from the small weight mentioned above, we have to use large weight to build large muscles. Of course, it’s within the range you can bear.

In addition to the large weight, the number of groups is also essential. While ensuring the number of groups, we need to shorten the rest time. For example, the original rest time was about two minutes, now we let the rest time be less than one minute. Large weight and multiple groups. It’s very difficult to train muscles with these methods. If you want to have big, Hulk like muscles, then you must come on.

Third: muscle lines

The third kind is not obvious, vague muscle. The muscle mass of this kind of muscle is not very obvious, but the long and smooth muscle lines are very good-looking, which can bring a long and powerful shape, but also has a certain attraction. It is usually the first choice for female friends.

If you want to practice muscle lines, you need to use the method of muscle training. Because the muscle line is just the outline of the muscle. After training our muscles, we must stretch them, let them stretch, let them shape, and their lines will be much more beautiful. When we stretch our body parts, we have to maintain them for a while. Count 15 for one action, and then proceed to the next. If you want to have smart, beautiful muscle lines, then seize the time to practice it.