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These garage flooring tiles are slip resistant and stain resistant, making your garage floor safe and easy to clean. It floats above the garage floor for airflow to prevent mildew and trapping of water. Specialty tiles are interlocking tiles designed for applications in or out of the garage.

People are integrating these finishes into most other rooms of their homes. The new Roppe Product Guide is available to view online or download as a PDF. Each flooring product belongs to a larger collection, which contains related products.

With a legacy of timeless appeal and long-lasting beauty, it is no wonder encaustic cement tiles are a favorite material for designers. Yet, Granada Tile stands out as the “Designer’s Favorite.” Why? Discover our range of Altro Transflor lightweight flooring products for rail.

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Throw away those non slip socks, non skid shoes and non slip mats for a long lasting alternative. Order online today, or call us with your non slip flooring questions, at . Contact Absolute Flooring today and see how our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you achieve the flooring look you’ve always wanted.

It’s one of the oldest flooring surfaces in the world and it’s one of the most versatile. It can go everywhere and anywhere, from bathrooms to kitchens to bedrooms and beyond. And it’s incredibly varied; there are so many kinds of tile it’ll make your head spin. So if you’re looking into different types of floor tiles for your home…well, we really can’t blame you. If you’re looking into different types of floor tiles, you’re probably in on the secret already. From unique product combinations to interesting wayfinding designs, we’re always creating new ideas that inspire.

Try digging your fingernails into some cork and you can easily dent it; but after about an hour or so, most of the dent will have disappeared. The denser the cork, the more cells of suberin, and therefore the better the performance. The inner portion of the cork bark is ground up and used on the bottom of the plank and acts as a built-in underlayment. Let’s take a deeper look into how cork is manufactured to understand some of these differences.